Seminario Rubio de Francia: "Numerical analysis and singularly perturbed differential equations". Jueves 17 de enero

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Jueves, Enero 17, 2019

Conferencia organizada por el Seminario Rubio de Francia tendrá lugar el  jueves 17 de enero de 2019, a las 12:00 horas en Seminario Rubio de Francia, edificio de Matemáticas, primera planta . La impartirá Eugene O’Riordan Dublin City University, Ireland.

Resumen: The significant advances in computational software over the past twenty five years has meant that many applied mathematicians/engineers often use numerical approximations to decide on research directions to spend time investigating. Indeed, new technologies may be created based solely on numerical experiments with sophisticated mathematical models. Numerical analysis suggests that a healthy dose of scepticism should be reintroduced into the scientific community, when interpreting output from computational experiments. These issues are discussed in the context of determining if convergence results from theoretical numerical analysis can help in assessing the quality of numerical solutions to singularly perturbed differential equations.

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