Seminario del ICMA: “Multistable metal complexes”. Viernes 29 de noviembre

Última modificación: 27/11/2019 - 13:55

Miércoles, Noviembre 27, 2019

El Dr. Hiroki Oshio de la Universidad de Tsukuba (Japón) ofrecerá el próximo viernes 29 de noviembre la conferencia titulada: “Multistable metal complexes”.

La sesión tendrá lugar a las 12:30 horas en el Aula 3 de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Universidad de Zaragoza.

Resumen de la conferencia: Molecules may have flexible structures with easily controlled electronic states. When molecules have several stable electronic states and their structures are flexible upon state changes, such molecular systems can be promising candidates for molecular switching devises. Spin crossover (SCO) and mixed valence (MV) complexes rest in two spin states and two valence states, respectively. Multi-component molecules, in which each component possesses several states due to spin conversion and electron transfer, are expected to show synergistic behaviors with stepped and/or selective state conversions. In this lecture, multicomponent systems showing selective spin state conversion, photo-induced SCM, and lability controlled cluster syntheses will be presented.