Seminario Rubio de Francia : “Propagation of waves in viscoelastic solids.”.- Jueves 10 de mayo

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Jueves, Mayo 10, 2018

El jueves 10 de mayo a las 12 horas en el Seminario Rubio de Francia, Edificio de Matemáticas, 1ª planta, tendrá lugar la conferencia organizada por el IUMA: "Propagation of waves in viscoelastic solids“. Será impartida por Francisco Javier Sayas , University of Delaware.

Resumen: I will explain ongoing work with my team (Tom Brown, Shukai Du, and Hasan Eruslu) on Finite Element simulation of elastic wave propagation in media that are modeled using a strain-to-stress relation that keeps track of the past evolution of the solid. The family of models I will discuss includes the classical (Zener, Maxwell, Voigt) differential viscoelastic model, fractional derivative version thereof, and combinations of all the above with pure elastic behavior. The analysis will be presented using transfer function techniques, but I will explain how in some cases refined results can be found using techniques of semigroup theory.