Seminario del Departamento de Física Teórica "Twisted Torus bundle and U(1) symmetries of the Supermembrane theory in a constant flux background" .- Jueves 13 de febrero

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Jueves, Febrero 13, 2020

El Seminario lo impartirá Maria Pilar Garcia del Moral (U. Antofagasta) en el Seminario de Física Teórica a las 12:10 h.
Abstract: In this talk I will discuss some recent results of the Supermembrane worldvolume theory compactified a on a toroidal target space with particular constant flux backgrounds. I will review that it implies the existence of a central charge condition on its worldvolume and consequently it has discrete spectrum. I will show that its bundle description  is described  in terms of a M2-brane Twisted Torus bundle. This bundle description will  exhaust the classification of the possible inequivalent classes of M2-brane bundles for target space considered. Iwill show that under certain assumptions, the theory also exhibits some U(1) global and local worldvolume symmetries not manifest from the very beginning.