Seminario Rubio de Francia: “On Hadwiger's covering conjecture”.- Jueves 27 de mayo

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Jueves, Mayo 27, 2021

El jueves 27 de mayo a las 12.00 h tendrá lugar la conferencia de este ciclo que impartirá Beatrice-Helen Vritsiou (University of Alberta). Se titula "On Hadwiger's covering conjecture".

Resumen: A central problem in Discrete Geometry, Hadwiger’s covering conjecture, asks to find the smallest integer N(n) with the property that every convex body in n-dimensional Euclidean space can be covered by at most N(n) translates of its interior.

We will discuss connections with Asymptotic Convex Geometry and measure concentration, as well as with entropic methods, that allow for at least a subexponential improvement to the long-standing general upper bounds of Rogers for N(n).

Based on joint work with Han Huang, Boaz Slomka and Tomasz Tkocz.

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