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Exchange students can apply for a place in a University Hall of Residence with the form obtainable at:

You can also live in a Hall of Residence (Colegio Mayor Universitario), and it is a nice way of meeting people.
There are two Residence halls on the main Campus (Campus de San Francisco). Click the links below, if you want to know about the prices:


You can also contact more private residences direct (500-650€/month) at


An option for those preferring to live in a flat is to arrange temporary accommodation for their first few days in Zaragoza at:


If you want to rent a flat or a room you can find the information you need at:


Homeshare with elderly people
This programme puts students looking for cheap accommodation in touch with elderly householders willing to exchange housing for support: students get their own room for free and offer help and companionship in exchange (


Excepting the academic fees for official studies (courses in Spanish as a foreign language are not official studies), exchange students are charged other expenses.


  • Halls of residence:
    Full board in a single room: 350-500€/month
    Single room (meals not included: 255€/month
    Temporary accommodation (maximum of seven days). 10-20€/day
  • Apartments / Flats:
    To rent: 500-600€/month
    To share: 200-250 €/month/per person


University meals
1 meal: 5,55€
10 meal voucher: 50€

University Sport club (
Single day ticket: 1.30€
Access card: 35€/year

Public Transport
City bus
1 trip: 1.35€