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Undergraduate Programs

The Faculty of Science offers degrees in:

BSc in Biotechnologycoordinator: Patrica Ferreira Neila
BSc in Chemistrycoordinator: Susana de Marcos Ruiz
BSc in Geologycoordinator: María Aránzazu Luzón Aguado
BSc in Mathematicscoordinator: Mario Pérez Riera
BSc in Optics and Optometrycoordinator: Juan Antonio Vallés Brau
BSc in Physicscoordinator: Eduardo García Abancens


Postgraduate Programs

The Faculty of Science offers the following programs:

MSc in Erasmus Mundus Master in Membrane Engineering (in English)Coordinator:María Reyes Mallada Viana
MSc in Geology: Techniques and Applications Coordinator: Javier Gómez Jiménez
MSc in Industrial Chemistry Coordinator: Ana Isabel Elduque Palomo
MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Research, Statistics and Computing Coordinator: José Tomás Alcalá Nalváiz
MSc in Molecular Cellular Biology Coordinator: Patricio Fernández Silva
MSc in Molecular Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis Coordinator: Jesús J. Pérez Torrente
MSc in Nanostructured Materials for Nanotechnology Applications (in English) Coordinator: María Pilar Pina Iritia
MSc in Physics and Physical Technologies Coordinator: Gloria Luzón Marco
MSc in Quantitative Biotechnology (in English) Coordinator: Pierpaolo Bruscolini


Each degree program consists of a series of courses taught through a combination of lectures, workshops, seminars and assigned coursework as well as independent study. Many courses have associated laboratory work, field trips or visits to companies. International students are made aware of their progress on a regular basis through meetings with their tutor/coordinator of studies. Finally, each course is subject to continuous assessment through coursework and laboratory work as well as a final examination. Although examinations are not the only means of assessment, they are the most common. There are two opportunities to take exams: those for subjects studied in the first semester can be sat in February and/or in September and those for the second semester in June and/or September.

English-language friendly (ELF) modules


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