Seminario Rubio de Francia: “Random cones” .- Miércoles 25 de febrero

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Jueves, Febrero 25, 2021

El jueves 25 de febrero a las 12.00 h tendrá lugar la conferencia de este ciclo que la impartirá Christoph Thäle (Ruhr Universität Bochum)). Se titula " Random cones ", y podréis seguirla online desde zoom:


Let U1, . . . ,Un be independent random vectors which are uniform distributed on the unit sphere. The random hyperplanes U_1^\perp , . . . ,U_n^\perp dissect the space into a collection of random cones. A uniform random cone Sn from this collection is called the Schläfli random cone. In a classical paper of Cover and Efron (1967) it was proved that the expected number of k-dimensional faces of a cross section of Sn converges to the number of k-dimensional face of a cube. We investigate the question whether a similar convergence is true also for the random shape of these cross sections. This talk is based on joint work with Zakhar Kabluchko and Daniel Temesvari.