XVI EACA, Zaragoza Encuentro de Álgebra Computacional y Aplicaciones July 4-6, 2018

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Miércoles, Julio 4, 2018 to Viernes, Julio 6, 2018

EACA stands for “Encuentros de Álgebra Computacional y Aplicaciones” (Meetings on Computer Algebra and Applications). These meetings are organized by the Spanish “Red Temática de Cálculo Simbólico, Álgebra Computacional y Aplicaciones” (EACA Network on Symbolic Computation, Computer Algebra and Applications). Their purpose is two-fold: first, to provide an appropriate meeting point both for researchers specialized in developing these areas and for those who use them in their own research activities; and second, to support and encourage participation by young researchers. EACA 2018 will take place in Zaragoza, at the School of Science of the University of Zaragoza, July 4-6, 2018, preceded by the Sage Days 94 event for developers. Sage Days offer developers the opportunity to meet and share their latest work on this meeting’s background theme: Symbolic Computation. This 94th edition is especially oriented towards young researchers that want to make the transition from writing code for their own use, to contributing to the Sage codebase.

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