Universe in a Box.- Computational Fluid Dynamics in Astrophysics.- La Laguna, Tenerife.- November 19-28, 2019

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Jueves, Mayo 2, 2019

The aim is to educate the next generation of astronomers in the techniques used in astrophysics in the modelling of fluid dynamics. Participants of the Winter School Will have the following topics will be given:

  • Fluid dynamics, conservation laws and waves. ( Prof. Fernando Moreno-Insertis)
  • Stellar and planetary formation ( Prof. Ake Nordlund)
  • Dynamics of solar and stellar convection zones (Dr. Maarit Läpylä)
  • Solar atmosphere. ( Dr. Matthias Rempel)
  • General relativity and compact objects ( Prof. Sascha Husa)
  • Interstellar medium (Prof. Stefanie Walch-Gassner)
  • Galaxy evolution (Prof. Tom Theuns)

For more details see http://www.iac.es/winterschool/2019/