Conferencia del ICMA: “Quantum size-effects in atomic chains and molecular wires revealed by their electronic conductances”. Viernes 13 de diciembre

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Viernes, Diciembre 13, 2019

Richard Korytar de la Charles University.Department of Condensed Matter Physics de la República Checa ofrecerá la conferencia titulada: “Quantum size-effects in atomic chains and molecular wires revealed by their electronic conductances”.

La conferencia tendrá lugar el viernes 13 de diciembre de 2019 en el Aula 3 de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Universidad de Zaragoza (frente a la oficina de administración del ICMA).

Resumen de la conferencia:

The ability to measure electronic conductance of single atoms and molecules is one of the most fascinating advances in physics and chemistry [1]. In my talk I will consider short linear chains of single-atom or molecular devices, manifesting quantum size-effects. Theoretically, one of the simplest examples of a quantum size-effect is the particle-in-a-box problem. When a particle bounces off two potential wells, the energy spectrum is quantized and the gaps scale with the box's length. I will demonstrate how this effect manifests itself in the conductance of linear oligoacenes, molecular chains whose basic unit is a benzene ring. Deeper understanding of quantum size-effects involves two limits: the infinite limit, represented by the band-structure, and the single unit (atom). For linear oligoacenes, I show that their specific band-structure implies unexpected incommensurate oscillations of the gap with length [2]. In the second part of the talk I will consider chains of magnetic atoms, which display so called Kondo effect when adsorbed on the surface of a metal [3]. Size effects in these chains offer a new perspective on the emergent heavy-fermion physics.


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